O GRACIOUS And compassionate God, eternal Father, how cordial is the love, and how fatherly the care You have for me, a poor sinner, having so graciously protected me all my days and hours, from my tender youth to the present moment against the manifold wiles of the devil, and the dangers and temptations of the wicked world.

And I humbly ask You, according to Your fatherly love towards me, that You would nevermore remember all my sins for I have transgressed against You this day. Be merciful unto me, because of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who is surety for all my sins. And during this night protect me and all mine against a sudden evil death, against disaster from fire or water, against pestilence and all manner of ills.

So I now entrust myself, my body, soul and all I have to Your fatherly protection; Your holy angel be with me, that I need fear no ill. Amen.

Book: The Abridged Treasury of Prayers
An Epitome from the Larger “Gebets-Schatz” Published by Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Mo.
Publisher: American Lutheran Publication Board, Pittsburgh, PA. 1906
Edited by: Karrol