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Gracious Father, Giver of all good, we have enjoyed Your blessing this day and come now to give You thanks. You have strewn our path with blessings and filled our hearts with delight. Harm has not approached us nor is there any visible mark of Your displeasure upon us. You have sent us air to breathe, water to quench our thirst, and we have been permitted to feed upon Your bounty. Yet we confess our faults, and ask You for pardon, and for that grace that will keep us from the wrong and direct us in the right. We pray for protection during the night, and for strength and wisdom with which to begin the work of the coming day. Let Your blessing rest upon every right deed and thought of this day, and remove the power for evil from every error. Help us to see in the closing day the emblem of the close of life that we may be as well prepared for that change as we are now to rest from the toils of the day. May we always trust in You, and be received into Your presence with exceeding great joy at last. For Christ’s sake. Amen!

Book: Alone with God
Author: Br. James H. Garrison
Publisher: St. Louis: Christian Publishing Company 1891