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Almighty God, who has commanded us to make prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks for all men, hear these our intercessions which we now present to You:

Remember, O Lord, every work of Your hand for good, and visit the whole world in Your mercy.

Remember, O Lord our native land. Bless its people. Lead us in the way of honor and justice, and of true and enduring prosperity. May we be mindful of the trust which You have laid upon us, and ever be found faithful to Your cause.

Remember, O Lord, our President, Senate, and House of Representatives, and all the members of their family. Let Your humble servants, may they live in Your fear, and live for the welfare of Your people. May they guide this into peace. Finally bring them to the glory of Your kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Remember, O Lord, all in authority, that they may exercise their power as ministers of Your justice and mercy. Especially guide and direct [the High Court of Parliament now assembled] [the magistrates of this city and those who sit in council with them]. May a wise and faithful spirit prevail in our councils; and may we be delivered from all evil ambitions, selfish motives, and false judgments, that we may hold a worthy place in the community of nations, and live as fellow-citizens of Your kingdom.

Remember O Lord. the churcn of Your Son Jesus Christ, which is from one end of the earth to the other. Plentifully furnish her with the gifts of Your Spirit. Heal her divisions. Grant to her peace. Unite all Your people in the bonds of faith, and hope, and charity, and let Your kingdom come everywhere.

Remember. O Lord, those who serve You in the ministry of Your Son’s church [especially those who serve You in this parish]. Make their ministry blameless. Adorn them with all Christian virtues. Make them guides to the blind, light to them that sit in darkness, followers of the good shepherd who gave his life for his sheep; so that at the last they may receive the reward which You have prepared for those who have contended earnestly for Your gospel.

Remember. O Lord, all those who are laboring in the cause of Your righteousness and truth, those who preach Your gospel among the heathen, those who bring forth fruits and do good works in Your holy church, and who remember the poor. Recompense them with Your rich and heavenly gifts. Render to them, instead of earthly things., the heavenly: instead of temporal, the eternal: instead of corruptible. the incorruptible.

Remember, O Lord, those who serve You in the upbringing of the young;—all universities and schools [especially the university of this city]. May they train up a seed to serve You better in their day than we have been able to do in ours, and may they be to You a name and praise in all generations.

Remember, O Lord, the whole body of the people,—those present here, and those absent from our midst. Have compassion upon them and on us according to the multitude of Your mercies. Fill their stores with every good thing; keep their families in peace and concord: Bring up the little ones; teach the young; strengthen the old; comfort the disheartened; gather those who are scattered; bring back and join to Your church those who have gone astray; guide the travelers by land or sea; solace the lonely; care for the widows; protect the orphans; deliver the captive; heal the sick; prepare the dying.

Remember, O Lord, those who are in tribulation, necessity, or danger, especially those known to ourselves whom we name in our hearts before You…; and all who are in need of Your great compassion: Those who love us or hate us; those who have given us charge, unworthy as we are, to pray for them; and those whom, through ignorance or forgetfulness, we have omitted to mention.

Remember us, O Lord, in this season of the year; grant us temperate and favorable weather. Crown the year with Your goodness. Receive us all into Your kingdom, showing us to be children of the day and sons of light; and grant us, O Lord our God, Your peace and love. Amen — Book of Common Order