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O most loving Father, who has given us grace to pray for ourselves, hear us now while in humility and duty we pray O God, for others. We pray for men every where, that they may be brought to the knowledge and obedience of the truth.

We pray for our native land, and for Your humble servant may we be established in righteousness, and in the hearts and affections of a free, loyal, and religious people; and that finally may we receive of You the crown of life which fades not away.

We pray for our President and all those in authority over us, along with all the members of their families, that Your blessing may rest upon them and Your grace be given to them.

We pray for the Courts now assembled and] for all rulers, judges, and magistrates [especially for the magistrates of this city and those who sit in council with them], that You would bestow the spirit of wisdom upon all to whom You have given the authority of government, and that we, under them, may lead quiet and peaceable lives, in all godliness and honesty.

We pray for all universities and schools of learning [especially for the university of this’ city] that You would replenish them with that wisdom which comes from above.
We pray for the whole company of the faithful throughout the world, that grace, mercy, and peace may be multiplied to all who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity.

We pray for those who minister in holy things, [and especially for those who serve You in this parish… hat they may feed rightly the flock of Christ; and do God so perfect Your gifts in them that they may now faithfully discharge their ministry, and at the last may enter into Your eternal joy.

We pray for all who are engaged in works of mercy and compassion, for all who preach the gospel among the heathen, for all who teach the ignorant, who Head of the Family to the sick, who visit the fatherless and the widows in their affliction, or who plead the cause of the oppressed; that You would grant to them the aid of Your fatherly counsel, and the support of Your divine strength, [especially we ask Your blessing upon… every good work for You carried on in this parish.]

We pray for all who wander in doubt and uncertainty amid the darkness of this present evil world, and for all who are hardened through the deceitfulness of sin, that You would grant them grace to come to themselves, the will and the power to return to God, and the loving welcome of Your forgiveness.

We pray for all travelers; for the stranger in a strange land; and for all who are far from home; that they may be kept by You in peace and safety, and may never want the comforting sense of Your presence.

We pray for our benefactors that they may be rewarded, and for our enemies, that they and we may be tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as You, for Christ’s sake, has forgiven us.

We pray for all dear to us. Fill us with such love, gentleness, and patience, that we may walk in our homes with a perfect heart, and have joy in each other that passes not away.

We pray for all in sickness and distress, [and for any such known to ourselves whom we name in our hearts before You. . .] that You would give strength to the weary, aid to the sufferers, comfort to the sad, and help to all in tribulation.
We pray for the dying, that they may depart in the peace of Christ, and be forever with the Lord.

Book of Common Order