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Almighty God, the Fountain of all holiness, who by Your Word and Spirit conducts all Your servants in the way of peace and righteousness; grant to us to so diligently watch over all our actions, that we may never willingly transgress Your holy laws: but that it may be the work of our lives to obey You, the joy of our souls to please You, the fulfillment of all our hopes and the satisfaction of all our desires to dwell with You, in the holiness of Your everlasting kingdom.

Make us perfect in Christ Jesus; out of His fullness may we all receive, and rest in Him forevermore. May His passion be our deliverance; His wounds our healing; His cross our redemption; and His death our life. With His righteousness may we be clothed; by His Spirit may we be sanctified; in His blood may we be cleansed; and to His image may we be conformed. May we abide in Him as branches in the vine; may He be in us the hope of glory, and to us all in all. As He died, may we die to sin; as He rose again, may we rise to newness of life; suffering with Him here, may we reign with Him here after; and bearing now His cross, may we hereafter wear His crown. Amen – A Book of Common Order