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TO You, 0 God, I pray, You who is ever present, and knows all we want or should have. Help me to submit now and at all times to Your will, knowing it must be right. Direct my mind to lead those I should influence into the right path, with love and gentleness and firmness. Govern my thoughts, which are often rambling and desultory, and need calmness. Give me toleration to the differing minds of others, even though to me the right and the wrong are clear. You alone know whence and wherefore our influences are derived. That You are good, all Nature testifies; and the happiness which invariably attends all self-denying efforts to contribute to the happiness of others, is a blessing which surely springs in our hearts directly from You. As we lay down each night to sleep, trusting implicitly to Your merciful care of us, so may we when death comes, resign ourselves to the same loving protection, and feel sure we are safe. Fill our hearts with gratitude to You, and thus make us at all times aware of Your presence, Your mercy and Your love we pray Amen

Book: Alone To The Alone Prayers For Theists, Edited, With A Preface, By Frances Power Cobbe 2nd Edition
By Several Contributors
Publisher: London: Williams and Norgate 1872
Revised and Edited by: Karrol Sneed 2015