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Give ear, O Lord, to our prayer, and attend to the voice of our supplication.

Make us poor in spirit: that ours may be the kingdom of heaven.

Make us to mourn for sin: that we may be comforted by Your grace.

Make us meek: that we may inherit the earth.

Make us to hunger and thirst after righteousness: that we may be filled therewith.

Make us merciful: that we may obtain mercy.

Make us pure in heart: that we may see You.

Make us peacemakers: that we may be called Your children.

Make us willing to be persecuted for righteousness’ sake: that our reward may be great in heaven.

O God, true and highest Life, by whom, through whom, and in whom, all things live, which live truly and blessedly; pity and help us, accordingly as You knows we have need, in body and in soul, that casting off all that entangles us, we may serve and cleave to God alone, who knows all things, and can perform all things, and who lives forevermore. Amen — Unknown