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  • Being quickened together with Christ, and raised from the death of sin to a life of righteousness, may I be diligently engaged in seeking those things that are above, where He now sits at Your right hand.
  • Help me to chase away carnal and worldly affections from my heart, and to raise my thoughts and views to spiritual and heavenly objects.
  • May all my sentiments, words, and actions, from the beginning to the end of this day, be holy and unreprovable in Your sight!
  • Fill me with all suitable affections towards You,—the deepest veneration, the purest love, the liveliest hope, and the sublimest joy.
  • Give me, O Lord, such worthy apprehensions of Your adorable nature and attributes; such exalted views of Your creating power and wisdom, of Your providential care, and of Your redeeming love and grace; as shall excite in my soul.
  • O Lord, form my soul into a resemblance of Yourself; and grant that, by the influence of Your Holy Spirit, I may be renewed in the spirit of my mind; and may be enabled to put on that new man which is created after God, in righteousness and true holiness.
  • O Lord, preserve me to Yourself; and let nothing be able to separate me from Your love.
  • Heavenly Father, help me to live under a constant sense of Your presence; and to maintain a habitual communion with You, as the disciple of Christ Jesus.
  • May l find it good and desirable for me to draw near to You, from time to time, in the exercises of private and public devotion.
  • May I be in the happy number of those whom You choose, and cause to approach You with acceptance.
  • Grant, O Lord, that, in a humble imitation of Your goodness, I may cherish in my heart a sincere good will and fervent charity to all my fellow-creatures, as Your offspring. Let me not think it enough, merely to wish them well, and to abstain from injuring them; but make me ever ready to do them all the good in my power. Especially let me never be wasting in the discharge of those duties that belong to my particular station and relations.
  • Give me wisdom to clearly discern, and effectually pursue the course You have set before me for I know that by following You it will result in my own truest welfare and result in eternal happiness.
  • Teach me to prefer the interest of my soul to that of my body, to keep all my appetites and passions under due regulation.
  • Teach me to cultivate the graces of humility and meekness, moderation and contentment; to possess my soul in patience, amidst all the trials and troubles of this present state; and to be, above all things, attentive to ensure my future and eternal bliss.
  • Let my thoughts be more frequently and delightfully employed in meditating on the glorious perfections of Your nature, as displayed in Your works, and in Your word.
  • Purify my affections; that I may love You above all, and delight in You, and in Your laws; and renounce and detest whatever is evil in itself and displeasing to You.
  • Grant that I may feel more and more of that peace and satisfaction, which is the genuine effect of a growing acquaintance with You, and of a close adherence to You, in all the ways of holy obedience.
  • While I am here in this world,’ help me to live by faith in You and those things that are above.
  • Suffer me not to pursue earthly things, as if I had chosen the world for my portion, and had no better inheritance in view: but knowing that I do not have a continuing city here on earth, may I seek the one to come! For I know that city has strong foundations, O God for You are its builder and maker.
  • Considering myself as only a stranger and pilgrim on earth, let me live like a citizen of heaven and have my conversation there.
  • Enable me, O Lord, by Your mighty power, to overcome all the difficulties and oppositions, the trials and temptations, which I may meet on my journey heavenward.
  • O Lord through Your strength and assistance and by making daily advances and improvements in holiness and goodness, may I gradually grow more and more fit for a share in that glorious inheritance, which is among Your saints in light.

Edited by Karrol 2015