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0 Lord God, most high and most holy, the Creator, the Governor, and the Judge of all mankind; I adore Your majesty, and worship You with humble reverence. You are infinitely wise, powerful and gracious, far beyond our highest thought, and above all our praises. You have made the daylight for the business of life, and have raised me in comfort from the bed of sleep to see another morning.

I acknowledge that I am unworthy to approach You with my prayers. My sins are many. But You have declared Yourself a merciful and forgiving Father, and encourage Your penitent children to return to You with hope and love. Let Your mercy, O Lord, blot out my offences.

Pity, O Heavenly Father, my blindness and ignorance.  Instruct me by Your word and Your good spirit, that I may know more of myself, and my own wants and weaknesses, and that I may know You better in the discoveries of Your grace. Teach me the precepts of Your law, that I may learn what is my duty. Work in my heart sincere repentance for all my past offences, and let my faith in Jesus be such as You wilt approve, such as may draw my heart near to You in holy love, and produce the good fruits of obedience in the whole course of my life. Form my soul, O Lord, after Your divine image. Rectify all the irregular inclinations that are within me.  Keep me from the power of unruly appetites, and from sudden and ungovernable passions of every kind.  Help me to set a constant watch over all my senses, and the wandering imaginations of my heart, and to suppress all undue resentment of whatsoever injuries I meet with.  Let such a meek and serene temper be wrought in me, as appeared in my blessed Saviour here on earth. Kindle in my soul such a flame of love to You, and charity towards men, that I may make it my delight to do good unto all, even to those who have done me hurt.

Let Your kind providence secure me from the snares and temptations of this vain world, and from the daily occasions of sin, that iniquity may never get the victory over me. And if at any time I am more exposed to special dangers in the circumstances of my life, the more let me experience the present aids of Your grace, that I may be preserved from transgression. Suffer me not to be led away by evil companions to forsake the paths of truth and godliness; nor let me ever be afraid or ashamed to profess myself a worshipper of You, and a believer in Jesus.

Let health and peace be continued to me this day, and no evil occurrence attend me.  Direct and incline my heart to employ every hour of my time aright, and enable me so to fulfil my various duties to God and man, that I may in some measure approve myself, in the evening, to the inquiries of my own conscience, and be approved by You, my witness and judge.

When You see it needful to correct me, O my God, let it be done in measure and in mercy, and let the fruit and effect thereof be to take away my sins, and to make me partaker of Your holiness. Nor would I pray for myself only, but for all men, as You have taught me. Enlighten the whole earth with the light of Your gospel ; deliver those that are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, and let the spirit of persecution be rooted out from among men.  May our rulers be directed by Your wisdom, and influenced by Your grace, that they may be made blessings to this nation.

Maintain Your gospel in its power and purity.  Let the ministry of Your word be prospered, that Your church on earth may be enlarged daily, and knowledge and holiness may increase and abound among men.  Look down in mercy on my relations and friends. Bless my [parents and] kindred with all the necessary gifts of providence and grace. Manifest Your love to all those that love me, and enable me from my heart to forgive all that have done me hurt. Let them repent of their sins, O Lord, and be made partakers of Your forgiveness.

I would offer up my humble thanks for all the mercies I enjoy, and for all I hope for.  It is to You, O God, that I owe my very life and being, my health and ease, and the use of my senses and my limbs; You give me safety in the night, and the blessings of the morning.  It is from You that I derive all the benefits of food and raiment, the daily supports of nature, together with the rich promises of grace and eternal salvation.  To You, therefore, O Lord, I pay all homage and praise through Jesus Christ, my Saviour.  Amen.

Book: The Youth’s Prayer Book
Author: John Gorham Palfrey
Publisher: Boston: Gray and Bowen, 1830
Revised and Adapted by: Karrol Sneed 2014