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GOD infinite Parent, who by Your providence enriches us every day with innumerable blessings, we thank You for Your goodness. As we remember Your mercies, may there spring up in our hearts the feeling of universal kindness, and may our lives be so pervaded with the religion of Your Son, that, like him, we may go about doing good. We would now lift up our affections in ardent prayer. Kindle within us a devout fervor of soul. On the wings of faith may our thoughts rise heavenward. But while thus we would cherish devout sentiments, grant that we also may go forth to the duties of this day with the love of our fellow-men dwelling within us. May we be kind and charitable in our judgments, loving mercy, dealing justly, and walking humbly before You. Strengthen within us the desire to relieve the needy, to lift up the downcast and degraded, and to do something to diminish the wickedness and woe of the world. We pray for men in all conditions of outward life and inward states of mind. We would carry on our hearts to You the memory of the slave. May the days of his bondage be numbered and cause the light of universal liberty to be rapidly spread abroad. Hasten the day when Your glorious kingdom shall come and Your will be done on earth as in heaven. May we, Your children walk in the footsteps of our Master and do all in our power to wipe away the tear of sorrow and soothe the heart in its anguish; and, by our ready and tender sympathy, encourage the weak, cheer the desponding, enlighten the ignorant and reform the sinful. Increase our faith in the power of true religion as a means of the world’s redemption, and through the benign and healing influences of the Gospel may there come the reign of happiness, virtue, and peace. With lowly self- denial, may we so live every day as to help bear others’ burdens, and give proof of our love of You, whom we have not seen, by our love of our brother, whom we have seen; and thus, by fidelity to the great law of love, have our souls created anew in Christ. May we in heart and life be formed in the Savior’s image, through whom to You would we render eternal praise and thanksgiving, world without end. Amen.

Book: The Alter at Home 2nd Series 8th Edition
Author: American Unitarian Association
Publisher: BOSTON: Walker, Wise, and Company 1891
Revised and Edited by Karrol Sneed 2015