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ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, our Heavenly Father, we approach Your footstool this morning to offer up our thanksgivings for Your merciful care over us the past night. We are again entering on the business of our lawful callings, in which Your Providence has placed us. May we engage in the cares and business of the world this day with a godly fear lest through the temptations to which we are exposed we should dishonour You by sin, and bring home with us at night a guilty conscience. O Lord, may this fear of offending You be kept alive in our hearts all this day. May our employments be sanctified and made comfortable by a sense of Your presence. Let us remember that “to eat bread in the sweat of our brow” is a part of the curse of Your holy law, and the effect of our sinfulness. May this thought humble us, and make us patient under our labors. May we be truly thankful that we are hitherto preserved from hell, and have a hope, through grace, of getting safe to heaven.

We ask of You, gracious Lord, to give us a full conviction of our real situation, that we may seek and obtain true repentance. We acknowledge that we and all men were conceived and born in sin; and what is born of the flesh, and they who are in the flesh, cannot please GOD but live in sin, committing many actual transgressions. We know also that our Saviour Christ has said: “No man can enter into the Kingdom of GOD except he be regenerate, and born anew of water and the Holy Ghost.” O Lord, we acknowledge our sinfulness and helplessness before You. Mercifully look upon us. Wash us and sanctify us with Your Holy Spirit, that we may be delivered from Your wrath, may be received into the Ark of Christ’s Church; and being steadfast in faith, joyful through hope, and rooted in charity, may so pass the waves of this troublesome world, that finally we may be brought to the land of everlasting life, there to be with You world without end, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

You know, Lord, the secrets of our hearts. O make it our earnest desire this day to grow in grace, and in the love and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus. May Your Holy Spirit instruct us while we are at our daily employments, and bring to our remembrance what we yesterday heard. May we be kept from profaneness. May we be preserved from every temptation. May no sinful expression proceed out of our mouths. O may we remember that we are the Lord’s servants. May all our conduct be under the direction of his word. May we abhor sin, and fly from it as from the face of a serpent; and may nothing ever induce us to say or do the least thing which our conscience condemns, but may we rather suffer any thing than wound our blessed Saviour, and grieve his Holy Spirit. Hold You up our goings in Your path, that our footsteps slip not; and guard us against all the accidents and dangers of this day.

Help us, O Lord, to spend this day as if it were the last we had to spend on earth, for we know not that we shall live to see another. Supply our needful wants, and enable us to make a proper use of all Your blessings. Bless those that are near and dear to us, and all that we are in duty bound to pray for. Show Your mercy and care to the sick and afflicted, to the poor and needy, and grant such other gifts to us as You in Your wisdom see fit for each of us, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord, in whose precious name and comprehensive words we sum up all our wants, saying:

Our Father, which art in Heaven, &c.

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