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O Lord God of infinite mercy, of infinite excellency, who has sent Your Holy Son into the world to redeem us from an intolerable misery, and to teach us a holy religion, and to forgive us our infinite debt: give me Your Holy Spirit, that my understanding and all my faculties may be so resigned to the discipline and doctrine of my Lord that I may be prepared in mind and will to die for the testimony of Jesus, and to suffer any affliction or calamity that shall offer to hinder my duty, or tempt me to shame, or sin, or apostasy: and let my faith be the parent of a good life, a strong shield to repel the fiery darts of the devil, and the author of a holy hope, of modest desires, of confidence in God, and of a never-failing charity to You, my God, and to all the world; that I may never have my portion with the unbelievers or uncharitable and desperate persons: but may be’ supported by the strengths of faith in all temptations, and may be refreshed with the comforts of a holy hope in all my sorrows, and may bear the burden of the Lord and the infirmities of my neighbor, by the support of charity: that the yoke of Jesus may become easy to me, and my love may do all the miracles of grace, till, from grace it swell to glory, from earth to heaven, from duty to reward, from the imperfections of a beginning and still growing love, it may arrive at the consummation of an eternal and never-ceasing charity, through Jesus Christ the Son of Your love, the anchor of our hope, the author and finisher of our faith, to whom with You, O Lord God, Father of heaven and earth, and with Your Holy Spirit be all glory and love and obedience and dominion now and forever. Amen. – Jeremy Taylor