O Almighty Lord God of hosts, You are the High and Lofty One that inhabits Eternity, and yet You humble Yourself to behold the children of men. Behold us this morning in Your tender compassion. You know our frame: You remember that we are dust. We are frail and sinful, and our thoughts and desires are of the earth; but we ask You to deal with us according to Your mercy. Be favorable to us through the merit and death of Your dear Son. Quicken our hearts by Your Spirit, and raise our affections to Yourself O Lord, for we are called by Your name and profess to be Your servants. We have acknowledged You to be our God and our King. We are bound to serve You alone. Help us to be faithful to our calling. Make us to be witnesses for You in a world that denies You.

O Lord, You have purposed that Your people should be as the salt of the earth. Fulfil in us this Your good pleasure. Endue us with the favor of Your heavenly, grace, and make us in all things followers of Christ. Make us meek and gentle, patient and forbearing towards each other. Make us just and true in our dealings with our fellow men. Grant us the spirit of constant prayer, and make us Your remembrances. May we continually bear on our hearts before You the sins and sorrows of those around. Show to each of us the work You would have us to do, and give us strength and power faithfully to fulfil the same. Create within us a humble spirit, that we may be ready to help a little child, or speak a word in love to the poorest of Your flock.

O Lord, we would lay ourselves and all we have at Your feet. Be graciously pleased to use us in Your service. O You good Shepherd, restore our souls whenever we go astray. Let not our light grow dim, nor the salt lose its flavor. Let us not forsake You, nor turn aside to that which cannot profit. Give us ever increasing life through Your Spirit. Give us more humility, more reality, more fervent zeal, and greater love toward Your name. Change us into Your own image, from glory to glory, until we cast our crowns before You.

Have mercy upon the lost and the perishing. Stir up Your people to seek after them, and bring them back to Your fold. Prosper every effort made to tell sinners of Your love. Fetch home to Yourself the outcasts of Israel. Pitifully look upon those who have gone the furthest astray. Touch their hearts by Your Spirit, and dispose them to return to You, the Shepherd and Bishop of their souls. Hear us, O gracious Savior, and fulfil all our petitions, for Jesus name’s sake. Amen

Our Father, etc

Book: Before His Footstool Family Prayers for One Month
Author: Rev. George Everard, M.A.
Publisher: LONDON: William Hunt and Company 1874
Revised and Edited by: Karrol Sneed 2015