O my Master, make me ready to meet You. May I know You better, and love You more deeply, and serve You more earnestly as the years go by, so that when at last You shall come I may be ready and waiting and watching. Sometimes, dear Christ, the time seems long. Sometimes when I suffer, or when I am beaten by my passions, You seem far away. Will You not call to me on the long way, that I may hear Your voice and be patient ? Sometimes the old darkness does not seem to yield to any brightness, and the human cries of sorrow and pain are grievous. Will You not then send a gleam on the path to cheer and lift up my heart? Sometimes, O Lord, I do not feel that I am near You, though I am trying so hard to meet You on Your way. Mountains of work, dry fields of loneliness, rocks of doubt, and rushing streams of fear impede me. O Master, at such times stretch out Your hand, and lead me, and bring me nearer. For I do trust You. You are my only hope and joy. I know that You are coming to me and that I am coming to You. Hasten the time when my eyes shall see You, and when the day that knows no night shall break; and make the old world glow with the abiding majesty and sweetness of Your presence, dear Lord. Amen — Prayers for The Quiet Hour