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WITH the new day, we would again offer before the Most High God our gratitude and praise. By Your good Spirit are the minds and hearts of Your people taught, and guided, and sanctified. By Your holy Providence are every good word and work encouraged. And we pray that Your blessing may rest upon the efforts of Your children to promote the cause of truth and right in all the world.

May Your wisdom fill the souls of those who teach. May success attend those who attempt the relief of sorrow and suffering. We desire to be in true sympathy with all who seek to build up Your kingdom on earth, and to join with them in labors and sacrifices, as we have fit opportunity.

Strengthen the hands and establish the hearts of such as anywhere bear testimony to the Gospel of Your Son. Bless Your servant, our pastor, and those who are helping His work. Bless the church and society with which we are connected. Build it up in the most holy faith. Let no discouragement hinder the fidelity of the members to their duty.

Amid all changes, may we feel that the good seed of Your word is not sown in vain. May the fruits of Your salvation abound. May the young remember You in the morning of their days, and the aged be filled with Your peace, and all to whom God gives strength do Your work till Your kingdom shall fully come. This, and all our prayers, we would offer in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Book: The Alter at Home 2nd Series 8th Edition

Author: American Unitarian Association

Publisher: BOSTON: Walker, Wise, and Company 1891

Revised and Edited by: Karrol Sneed 2016