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FATHER of mercies, we thank You yet again for Your kindness. That we are all here together to unite in prayer and in thankfulness, we praise You. That God have given us a happy home, and have bound us together in the ties of Your own dear love, we thank You. Forgive us that we ever try to break those ties in our impatience or anger. Forgive us for our passionate words, or for our unkind acts. And grant that today we may all live together as Your own children should, giving each to each of the blessings God has given to us, and thankful each to each for all that we receive from each other. So be pleased, each day, to make this home Your own home, to lead us all with a Father’s hand, and in our faith, and hope, and love here to bring us nearer and nearer to Yourself. We ask it and hope for it, trusting in the promises of Your Son. Amen.

Book: The Alter at Home 2nd Series 8th Edition

Author: American Unitarian Association

Publisher: BOSTON: Walker, Wise, and Company 1891

Revised and Edited by: Karrol Sneed 2016