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O LORD our Lord, how excellent is Your name in all the earth. You have set Your glory above the heavens. Day after day are we called upon to praise You, and night after night to bless Your holy name.

You have renewed our lives and Your goodness this morning. You invite us to come to You for our daily bread, and to receive that provision from Your spiritual store, which shall carry us through the day in safety and peace. We are here assembled before You, O Lord, in the name of Jesus, our Mediator and our Friend. Bless us abundantly for His sake.

Lord, You call upon us to glorify You this day. You would have us to bear testimony against the world, that the deeds and ways thereof are evil. You would have us maintain fellowship with You and with Your Son Jesus Christ. You will our sanctification. Oh, teach us this morning to feast upon the manna of Your word, and may Your banner over us be love. Reveal Yourself to us by Your Holy Spirit. Let Your goodness pass before us; and so occupy our hearts with heavenly things, that we may be willing to forego every earthly gratification; for the sake of maintaining communion with You.

Enable us to exhibit the power of godliness in our lives, by controlling our passions—subduing our tempers—and regulating our actions and words according to Your will. O Lord, the very God of peace, sanctify us wholly; and may our whole body, soul, and spirit, be brought under the government of Your Holy Spirit. Give us the Spirit in such abundant measure, that we may walk worthy of the Lord, all pleasing, adorning the doctrine of God our Savior in all things.

Be with us in all that we shall undertake for Your glory, this day; and may we enter on no path upon which we cannot sincerely ask Your blessing, or which will rob us for a moment of the light of Your countenance. Be our sun to enlighten—our shield to defend—our shepherd to watch over us; and refresh us this day in the pasture of Your word, and from the living stream of Your Spirit. Praise to You for all that we have been allowed to enjoy; and may we this day possess a continual sense of Your presence and favor.

O heavenly Father, have mercy, we humbly pray for those who hear Your truth in this favored land, and who, loving darkness rather than light, refuse to attend to the Savior’s voice, which calls them to safety and to peace. Take from them all hardness of heart and contempt of Your word; and deliver them from the heavier condemnation of those who know their Father’s will, but do it not. And while we pray You, O God, to raise up many faithful shepherds to feed Your flock, we also pray You to keep back those, who may be about to enter on the work of the ministry from worldly motives. Preserve them, we beseech You, .from the awful punishment awaiting those, who make merchandise of immortal souls.

Bless us all, O Lord, according to our respective wants and necessities. Quicken any who are in spiritual death; recover those who have gone back to the ways of the world; make those decided who are halting between two opinions; and build up Your people in their most holy faith. All we ask is in the name of Jesus, to whom with You and the Holy Ghost, be all honor and glory, now and forever. Amen.

Book: Daily Prayers for Family Worship in a Course of Four Weeks

Author: Rev. William Dalton, B.D.

Publisher: London: Hamilton, Adams, and Co. Paternoster Row, Wolverhammpton: Simpson and Steen (1861)