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Come, Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of Your faithful, and kindle in them the fire of Your love.

Most holy and adorable Trinity, one God in three Persons, I adore You, as You are truly present here, with the deepest humility, and render to You, with my whole heart, the worship that is due to Your sovereign majesty.

O my good God, I thank You for having preserved me during the past night, for all the favors You have previously granted me, and especially for the grace of my vocation to the religious life.

I believe in You, because You are truth itself;

I hope in You, because You are all good, all-powerful, and faithful to Your promises; I love You above all things, and with my whole heart, because You are infinitely perfect and worthy of all love.

I am truly sorry for having offended You because You are infinitely good, and I heartily detest my sins because by them I have displeased You. I am firmly resolved, with the help of Your grace, to amend my life, and to strive more earnestly than ever after perfection in the following of Christ and in the imitation of the saints.

Accept, O God, my good will; grant me Your blessing, that I may do Your holy will and please You this day in all my thoughts, words, actions, and sufferings, which I offer and consecrate to You, for Your greater glory, in union with Your Son Jesus.

I beseech You, O Lord, to accept the dedication of my whole being, and of all my good works and prayers to Your divine honor, in union with the offerings of all just souls on earth, and of all Christian Congregations.

I implore Your grace to enable me to perform all my duties in the spirit, and to observe faithfully Your Holy Word. Bless our dear President in the government of our Nation, and direct him in the way of salvation. Teach us all to do Your will, O God, and strengthen us to fulfill it perfectly.

O God, ever-present, God with us, may every creature praise and bless You.

O Jesus most holy; O Jesus divine;

All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Yours!

Lord Jesus, keep me in Your love; let me dwell in Your Sacred Heart, let me live in close union with You all through the day.

Jesus, my dear Lord, I love You; bless me and protect me.

Jesus, friend and Savior, pray for me. Holy Spirit, enlighten and guard me, rule and guide me. Jesus, I salute you, and beseech you, together with all the angels and saints, to pray for me.

Unto the King of ages, the immortal, invisible, only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever!

The Lord bless us, and keep us from all evil, and bring us unto life everlasting.

May the souls of the faithful, through the mercy of God, know the peace that passes understanding. Amen.