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“Almighty God! I desire on this morning of a new day, to approach the footstool of Your Throne of grace. You are glorious in Your holiness, fearful in praises, continually doing wonders. Your eternity is a depth which no finite mind can fathom. Your purposes no accident can alter—Your love no time can impair. I adore You as the God of my life; moment by moment I am hanging upon Your goodness; if You withdraw Your hand I perish.

“And yet, O Lord, I have not been living habitually mindful of You. I have too often taken my blessings as matters of course. I have had unthankful spirits in the midst of daily recurring tokens of unmerited mercy. I desire to bury my sins in the ocean-depths of Your love. May I be enabled to advance in holiness as I follow the footsteps of Your unsullied life—to reflect Your purity. May religion penetrate with its leavening power every daily duty. May I act under the feeling ‘I am not my own’—Consecrated soul and body to the Lord who died for me, may life become one tribute and offering to Your praise. May I leave nothing to a dying hour, but to die at peace with You, and to have my souls filled with hopes of Heaven.

“Lord bless my friends—reward my benefactors—forgive my enemies. May my household ever have Your gracious benediction resting upon it. May every member of my family, near and at a distance, have the seal of God on their foreheads, and be numbered with Your saints in glory everlasting. Pour Your rich grace into the hearts of the young. Oh let them not suffer golden moments to pass by misimproved. Preserve them from the snares of a wicked world. Let them know the happiness of living at peace with You.

“Look in kindness on the sick, the sorrowful, the aged, the bereaved, and the dying. Accommodate Your grace to the varied wants and trials. Let them take refuge in the very arms that are chastising them, rejoicing that the thread of life is in Your hands.

“Lord Jesus, bless my friends that are absent; Lord be near them—Those that are in distress, Lord comfort them. Those that know You not, Lord arrest them. Those that are Your children, do You increase their devotedness; give them more of the Pilgrim character, prepare them for the Pilgrim’s rest. Prosper Your cause and kingdom everywhere. Let Satan’s kingdom be destroyed—the kingdom of grace advanced—the kingdom of glory hastened. Save Your people—bless Your inheritance, feed them also, and lift them up forever! Give to each of me this day Your gracious benediction; and when the days of Earth shall merge into the ages of Eternity, may it be ours to spend them in the full vision and fruition of You, my God, through Jesus Christ.’’ Amen.

Book: Prayers for Public Worship, Private Devotion, Personal Ministry

Author: Abbie C. Morrow

Published by: New York: M. E. Munson 1902

Revised and Adapted by: Karrol Sneed 2014