Great and glorious God, who has made the sun in the skies to give light by day; Your throne is in the highest heaven, yet Your goodness takes notice of Your creatures on earth, and You hear when children pray to You.

Look down, O Lord, and pity me; for I desire to be heartily sorry that I have so often offended You, by breaking Your commandments; and when I am serious, I am grieved to think that I should be so ready to break them again.

O God of mercy, punish me not as my faults and follies deserve, either in this world, or in the world to come.

But when You bring pain or trouble upon me, let me be patient under it, and grow the better for it.

Send Your good Spirit into my heart, to subdue my evil inclinations and form me after the likeness of Your son Jesus Christ.

Preserve me from the danger of evil company, and let me choose and love the company of the wise and good; nor suffer me to waste those hours in idleness or play, which are allotted for my learning or work.

Keep my heart from malice and from evil thoughts.

Preserve my tongue from lying and slandering, and all evil words.

Withhold my hands from fighting and stealing, and all evil actions.

Guard my feet from running into mischief.

Let me dwell with my companions in peace and love, and be ready to help them at all times.

Let me not dare to sin against You in secret, remembering that I am always in Your sight.

Grant me sufficient food and raiment while I live.

Increase my strength daily.

Secure me from sickness and from death in my younger days, that I may do some service for You on earth; and when I die, and my body is carried to the grave, may my soul be taken up to live forever with You and with Your son Jesus Christ.

I pray You, bless all my dear and honored relations and friends, and grant them those mercies that are proper for them here, and eternal life hereafter.

Give wisdom to all my teachers, so that they may instruct me in what is best for me to know.

Assist me to learn everything that is needful for me in this world, or that may keep me in my way to heaven.

And if my [parents or] governors see it necessary to correct me, let me not grow sullen, but meekly submit, and take care to amend what I have done amiss.

I praise You, O Lord, for all the blessings I have ever received, for they all come from You.

I give You thanks for my rest the last night, and that I find myself in peace this morning.

I bless You for my sight and hearing, for all my senses and my powers of mind and body; and above all, for the Holy Bible, and for all the helps that I enjoy in order to the salvation of my soul.

Let me so carefully fulfil all my duties every day, that I may come with delight to worship You when the evening returns.

Heavenly Father, accept all my prayers and praises through Jesus Christ, Your well beloved son.


Book: The Youth’s Prayer Book

Author: John Gorham Palfrey

Publisher: Boston: Gray and Bowen, 1830

Revised and Adapted by: Karrol Sneed 2014