ALMIGHTY God, who has commended Your love to us, in that while we were yet sinners, You gave Your Son to die upon the cross for us; be mercifully pleased to show us the light of Your countenance, and bless and comfort us, while we now draw near to worship You. We trust, alone, to the atoning blood of Jesus. All our dependence is on Him, for time, and for eternity.

You are greatly to be praised, O Lord, for the love that You have shown to us, guilty sinners. We have rebelled against You; we have provoked You to anger; we have been transgressors against Your laws; and You would have been just, had You condemned us to the lake of fire. Yet, in mercy You have spared us, and have made known to us Your willingness to save us by the Son of Your love. Your name be adored for those who, through grace, believe; and Your mercy be entreated for those who, as yet, are dead in trespasses and sins. Give them the light of the knowledge of Your glory, in the face of Jesus Christ, O Lord cause the day-spring from on high to visit them.

Let none of us, O Lord, be satisfied with a mere deliverance from the punishment of sin. Give us such a hungering and thirsting after righteousness—such an ardent love for holiness, as will make us press after an abundant entrance into Your heavenly kingdom. O blessed Savior, who has received all the fullness of the Spirit for Your Church, we beseech You to give to us that Spirit, in all the power that You see we require. Oh, cleanse our hearts; and mortify our carnal desires. Lead us to a higher perception and enjoyment of spiritual things; increase our love to You. May we, through faith in Your word and promise, be raised above the world, to live in happy, peaceful waiting for Your coming. We desire to be kept in that weaned state from worldly things, that we shall long for You, and love the time of Your appearing. Cut those ties that bind our souls to earth. Enable us to walk through this world as Jesus did. We grieve to feel how much our hearts still cling to the things of earth. Strengthen us for the time that remains; and enable us to rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.

You know, O Lord, how much we need Your continual help. Guide and protect us as the sheep of Your pasture. We commend especially to Your gracious care the younger members of this family. Give to them Your Holy Spirit, that they may be taught to love and fear You, and to make them conscious of their ways in all they think, and say, and do. Grant that they may grow in grace daily, and in the knowledge of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

We have great reason to praise You for Your continued mercies toward us. We thank You, O God, for the rest, protection, and. preservation of the night past. We thank You that we have had a place to lay our heads, while others were in want and wretchedness.  Give us hearts to feel for their miseries and to relieve them. Be near, to us, all the day long, and let not our hearts wander from You. Let Your word be the rule of our lives—Your Son our holy example—and Your Spirit our heavenly teacher. Let Your glory be our aim in whatever we do or say; and teach us so to value the joy of Your countenance, as to make any sacrifice, rather than lose it for a moment.

To the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be everlasting praise, majesty, and dominion, now and forever. Amen.

Book: Daily Prayers for Family Worship in a Course of Four Weeks

Author: Rev. William Dalton, B.D.

Publisher: London: Hamilton, Adams, and Co. Paternoster Row, Wolverhammpton: Simpson and Steen (1861)