LOOK down from heaven, O my God, and hearken to the prayer of Your servant. My wants are great; but, Lord, Your power to relieve is greater. You are the very Fountain: I come to You poor and needy; O fill me out of Your fullness. You delight to give; send me not away empty.

Lord, I thank You for all Your past mercies to my body and my soul. I thank You for the measure of health which I enjoy, for the food which I eat, for the clothing which I put on, for the home in which I dwell. I thank You for the kind and dear friends who care for me, for the portion which Your love allots to me in this world.  I thank You for Your great kindness in watching over me, for shielding me from a thousand dangers, and for sparing my life up to this hour.

But still more I bless You for Your spiritual gifts. How great is Your love to my soul! You have given me a Savior to die for me. You have pointed out the way by which a lost one may be saved. O Jesus, save me.- Sprinkle Your own blood upon my soul. Stretch out the arms of Your mercy, and receive me, sinner as I am. O give me the joy of acceptance, the blessedness of pardon. Say to me, gracious Lord, Your sins are forgiven and make me Yours forever, Your true servant, Your faithful follower, Your loving disciple.

O my God, enable me this day to live nearer to You than I have yet done. Strengthen my faith; increase my love; fill me with Yourself; draw my sinful heart towards You.

Lord, I desire to know all the evil that is in me. Show me to myself I beseech You. Show me the hatefulness of my guilt; and make me to abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes. You have called me unto holiness ; sanctify me by Your blessed Spirit. Lead me, O lead me, in the narrow path of life. Enable me to break off every evil habit, especially my besetting sin. Lord if there is any hidden sin lurking in my heart, give me grace to overcome it.

May the blessedness of Your own day still rest upon me. Let me not forget those holy lessons which were taught me in Your house. Deepen any good impression which has been made. Carry on any work of grace which You Yourself has begun in me. Make my future course a useful and a happy one. Make me a blessing to others. Lord, I have been too much a cumberer of the ground. Grant that I may now bear fruit. Show me what You would have me to do, and give me grace to do it.

Bless my minister, and those whom You have committed to his care. Help him to sow the seed of life; and may it spring up in many hearts. The harvest is truly plenteous; send faithful laborers to gather souls into Your garner. Be with those especially who are gone forth to labor in distant lands. O Lord, prosper them in their arduous work ; and as they bear the burden and heat of the day, may their own souls be refreshed, and may they receive a full reward.

Hear me, 0 my Father; and give me all that I have asked, and all that I need, for my Savior’s sake. Amen.

Our Father, &c

Book: Prayers for Private Use
Author: Rev. Ashton Oxenden