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ALMIGHTY and most merciful God, as once more we gather around the family altar, we would seek Your presence, and invoke Your blessing upon this household. We are weak; God grant us the aid of Your infinite strength. We are ignorant, and would seek from Your inexhaustible wisdom the light of true knowledge. Borne down with anxiety, with hearts burdened by trial and grief, may we meet the afflictions which beset and surround us with cheerful resignation and unfailing faith. O Lord, You know our trials and temptations. We confess our manifold transgressions. When we would do good, evil is present with us. Grant us Your guidance and forgiveness. Sanctify us by Your Holy Spirit. As the shadows of life fall upon our souls, we would seek heavenly light. Enable us, we do most earnestly beseech You, to bear our cross with lowly submission, uncomplaining fidelity, and serene trust. May we learn from our Savior to meet our trials with devout confidence and triumphant faith; and cherish the undoubted assurance that a crown of glory awaits the penitent, faithful, and obedient disciple. Though in Your Providence our present lot is grievous; though adversity frowns upon us and our bread is dipped in tears; though struggling with a besetting sin or afflicted with sorrow; or though subjected to loss of wealth,  — grant us Your strength, and may we say, in the spirit of Him who bore his agony with such triumphant patience, Not my will, but Yours, be done.” May we learn to be resigned even in pain and suffering, and through the pathway of the cross attain unto heavenly glory and divine peace; and thus reap the rich fruition of the believer’s faith and the believer’s hope. May we both live and die unto Christ, taking up the cross daily, and walking in faithful observance of the precepts of Your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord,— in the faith of whom, and as whose disciples, we ask for strength and forgiveness. For Yours shall be the praise, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

Book: The Alter at Home 2nd Series 8th Edition

Author: American Unitarian Association

Publisher: BOSTON: Walker, Wise, and Company 1891

Revised and Edited by: Karrol Sneed 2015