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O God, my heavenly Father, in whose presence I feel that purity, well-doing, love and goodness, alone are greatly to be sought after. I am trusting in Your Fatherly Providence for the supply of all my wants. May I make it my one care this and every day to go on with my work wisely and well, and to be of some use to those around me. Gracious Lord God, I lay open my heart to You. You know where I have striven well, and You will forgive my natural imperfections; but forgive me also where I have failed in my will, my steadfastness, my devoutness to what is truly good. May I keep before me Your will as the rule of my life, and try to live in accordance with the teachings and spirit of Jesus Christ. Help me, O heavenly Father, in Your own best way; lead me and teach me; send me such experiences as You see to be best for me; and make me truly Yours. Our Father, &c.


O ever-present God, I would draw nigh to You to close the day with You. It is of Your loving-kindness that I am able to lift up my heart to You for the blessings of this day. I stop to think what my life has been this day in Your sight, and pray for You to forgive all my faults and shortcomings, and to quicken in me the desire, and increase in me the ability, to be truly Your child in all that I think and feel and do. May I be trustful, loving, patient; may I be earnest in all that is good. In all that is mysterious to me in this world, may I have a child-like faith in You, and look forward to the light which You will cause to shine through all darkness. In Your presence, O heavenly Father, as I think of all my fellowmen, and love them as my brothers, I thank You for their blessings as well as my own. I would commit to You their sins and wants and sorrows with my own. For all who are dear to me, I thank You, rejoicing that You love them as I cannot love them, and will do for them, not according to my poor prayers, but according to Your infinite wisdom and goodness. May we all rest in You this night and evermore. Amen.

Book: Closet Prayers Original and Compiled from the Writings of Eminent and Holy Men of Various Churches
Author and Compiler: Thomas Sadler, P.H.D.
Publisher: Williams and Norgate (1885)
Edited by: Karrol (2016)