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O HOLY AND MOST MERCIFUL FATHER, we come nigh to You this morning with humble thankfulness for Your goodness toward us. For all the mercy and the help vouchsafed to us yesterday we heartily thank and bless You. We bless You for all the light and comfort given to us in Your house of prayer.

We bless You for any knowledge we may have gained of Your holy Word. It has been good for us thus to leave the world awhile, and thus to have fellowship with You and Your Son Jesus Christ.

Continue to us, O Lord, through this week the blessing we have gained.

Sanctify all our toil and labor by the remembrance of Your Presence. Go forth with us to the conflict of life, and may we act and speak as becomes Your children.

O let Your blessed Spirit guide and control our thoughts and ways, and make us perfect in every good word and work!

Help us, O Father, to shew forth by our daily life that we have been with Jesus. May His image be formed in us, and may His life on earth be the pattern which we ever strive to follow.

Make us patient and gentle and forbearing toward all men. Draw our thoughts and desires toward Yourself Teach us often to frequent the Mount of prayer. Humble and subdue every vain and proud imagination, and make us willing to take the lowest room.

O You exalted and glorified Redeemer, behold Your Church, and fulfill towards her all Your purposes of mercy and love. Bring out Your people from the darkness and bondage of sin, and beautify them with the garments of salvation. Manifest Your everlasting love toward them, and draw them to Yourself by the cords of Your love. May they perfectly know You, as bearing their sins on the cross, and now pleading their cause above.

O Savior, may we know that we are Your, and that none shall pluck us out of Your hand. Keep us by Your mighty power from all the evil that is in the world. May Your love abide in us, and may we never be drawn aside by the love of present things. Sanctify us by Your truth, and may Your Word be our constant meditation. Bind us so closely to Yourself that we may be united together in love and sympathy one with the other. May all who believe in You be of one heart and mind, and at length together behold Your glory.

Bless and prosper throughout this week every effort which is made to advance Your kingdom, or relieve the sorrows and distresses of our fellow- men. Stir up the hearts of Your people that they may always abound in Your work and service. Make them zealous in doing good, and may they watch for every open door. May Your Spirit accompany the reading of Your Word, and of every Christian book and tract. And now, O Father, be very nigh to us through this day and through this week, for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen


Our Father, etc

Book: Before His Footstool Family Prayers for One Month

Author: Rev. George Everard, M.A.

Publisher: LONDON: William Hunt and Company 1874

Revised and Edited by: Karrol Sneed 2015