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You who dwell in the highest heavens, and yet hear the voices of Your lowliest children on the earth; Your goodness has opened before me another day. I thank You for this and all Your goodness to me; most of all, that You have given me a mind to know, and a heart to love, things that are true and holy—to know and love You, O Father, who is the center of every excellence and perfection. May I show my gratitude to You, not in words only, but also by hastening to fit myself for any service which You may require of me. May I try to do all my duties this day faithfully as unto You. Help me to overcome all temptations to waste my life in follies and vanity. The remembrance of my former infirmities makes me afraid of myself. But, O You who gives courage to the fainthearted, grant me such assistance this  day that I may not strive in vain after the mind which is in Christ. O Lord, what I am in Your sight, that am I really and no more. I most humbly offer myself to You, my body and soul, my thoughts and affections, my joys and sorrows, to be disposed by You, to be directed by Your providence, to be blessed by Your loving-kindness, and to be sanctified by Your spirit. So may I be Yours in Christ for evermore. Amen.


To You, O heavenly Father, I come with my offering of gratitude for the blessings of another week. I receive these blessings as from You, and acknowledge that You gave them to me, that I might use them, not selfishly and meanly, but with a good conscience and in purity of heart, and for the benefit of others as well as for myself. Look down upon my Shortcomings with Your fatherly compassion, and help me to make a true use of what remains of my earthly pilgrimage. May I remember that soon my life will seem as a tale that is told, and all my earthly opportunities will have passed away. May I be patient in troubles which will be soon ended, and may I be always tender towards those from whom I may at any time be separated for this world. I would make mention before You of all whom You have endeared to me by kindness or acquaintance, and thank You for them, and ask Your blessing on them. O heavenly Father, let Your blessing rest on them— that blessing which has in it so much more than I know how to ask. Our Father, &c.


Book: Closet Prayers Original and Compiled from the Writings of Eminent and Holy Men of Various Churches
Author and Compiler: Thomas Sadler, P.H.D.
Publisher: Williams and Norgate (1885)
Edited by: Karrol (2016)