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O God, my heavenly Father, who over shadows us with darkness, and stills the tumult of the world, that the weary may have rest; let Your evening blessing now descend upon us. I commit to Your mercy all my faults, to Your pity all my weaknesses, and to Your fatherly and almighty goodness all my  cares. Take me and all who are dear to me into Your most gracious keeping; and as by sleep You fill my body with new life and strength, so by Your Spirit fill my soul with holy desires and heavenly affections, that in the new day to which I am looking forward, I may be enabled to resist every temptation to evil, and fulfill the purposes of Your divine wisdom and love. May I be patient with the infirmities of others, as I hope they will be with mine. Grant, O most holy Father, that, as I call myself a disciple of Your Son Jesus Christ, so I may not be without something of His likeness, which I ask You to increase within me. O God, I would remember before You my brethren of the human family, and rejoice that You are the Father of all, and are especially near to those who are in pain and sorrow. May all at last know You, and serve You faithfully, and be gathered into the home which abides forever. Amen.

Book: Closet Prayers Original and Compiled from the Writings of Eminent and Holy Men of Various Churches
Author and Compiler: Thomas Sadler, P.H.D.
Publisher: Williams and Norgate (1885)
Edited by: Karrol (2016)