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Almighty God, Maker of heaven and earth, my Creator, Preserver and Benefactor ; early will I seek and praise You, and always will I love You. In the hours of sleep, when I could not defend myself, You have defended me. You have brought me to this morning in health, and I will now show forth Your praise. I thank You for all the powers of my body, and for all the faculties of my mind. My blessings are more than I can number, while I have deserved nothing at Your hands. I have sinned against You; for I have left undone many things which I ought to have done, and have done many things that I ought not to have done. As You have promised to forgive me through Jesus Christ, if I heartily repent, I devoutly pray for You to look in mercy on my sins, and enable – me to do better in the future. 0 make me sensible of the importance of possessing right habits on my entrance into life ; and enable me to keep a constant guard over my thoughts, my feelings, my words, and my actions. May I remember that Your eye is always directly upon me. Help me to gain good learning; so that when the aged, the wise, and the virtuous leave the world, I may be prepared in their place, to be useful in society. May I remember how much the happiness of my friends depends on my good conduct, and may I be all that my parents and] instructors wish me. O may I live as Your obedient child, and be a Christian in spirit and in deed. O God, I look to You for guidance and assistance this day, and every day of my future life, and when I die, may I be received into Your heavenly kingdom, through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Book: The Youth’s Prayer Book

Author: John Gorham Palfrey

Publisher: Boston: Gray and Bowen, 1830

Revised and Adapted by: Karrol Sneed 2014