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Sleep, said a great man, is so much like death, that I dare not trust it without saying my prayers: and indeed, for fear of the worst, a thoughtful Christian will take care to make his peace with God before he goes to sleep, and put himself under God’s protection every evening of his life; that he may be safe from the fear of evil.

By the goodness of God I have come to the evening of this day, and I am so much nearer my latter end.
Let me seriously consider this, and pray God to prepare me for the hour of death or of Christ return whichever comes first.
Let me with penitent heart ask him to pardon my offenses, and to deliver me from the evils which I have deserved due punishment.
Let me resolve to amend whatever I have done amiss, and pray asking God that His grace may keep me from returning to those sins which I have repented of.
And that I may be safe under His protection, who alone can defend me from the powers of darkness.
For all these blessings let me devoutly pray.