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O Heavenly Father, hear our cry and attend unto our prayer as we seek Your face at the close of another day.

O Lord our God, we bless You for the sure foundation which You have laid in Zion. We bless You that You have given Your Son to bear our sins in His  own body on the tree. We bless You that He is the very Rock of Ages, and that none who trust in Him shall ever be confounded.

O blessed Savior, You are the only hope of lost and perishing sinners, help us to rest our souls on You! On You we lay all our sins, for You have died for our salvation. Wash away all our guilt in Your blood, and set us free from all condemnation. On You likewise would we lay all our wants. You know how great they are, but Your fullness is enough to supply every lack. Grant to us the spirit of true penitence and contrition. Take from us the heart of stone and give unto us the heart of flesh. Heal all our spiritual infirmities. Help our unbelief.  Take away from us all indifference and deafness of spirit. Open our eyes that we may behold more clearly Your marvelous love. Beat down Satan under our feet, and enable us to overcome all temptation.

Be our Friend and Comforter in days of sorrow and adversity. To You, we bring our griefs and our cares, and we beseech You to bear them for us. Speak peace to every weary burdened spirit, and give them rest in Your faithfulness and love.

O gracious Master, draw us more closely to Yourself, and make Your name more dear to us every day. May we lean on You, for You uphold us with Your own right hand. May Your mercy and loving kindness embrace us on every side. Let Your everlasting arms be beneath us, and when heart and flesh fail, be the strength of our heart and our portion forever.

We plead with You for all the members of this family, present or absent.  Knit us together in the love of Christ, and prepare each one of us for a home above. Bless our neighbors and our friends, and may they all be the friends of Jesus. Lift up all who are cast down, and succor all who are in sorrow and distress. Guide the footsteps of any who are seeking their way to Zion, and restore by Your grace any who have gone back from Your ways.

Finally, we beseech You to have mercy on all men, and hasten the day of Your appearing, when all sin and sorrow shall be ended. Hear us, O Savior, for Your mercy’s sake. Amen

Book: Before His Footstool Family Prayers for One Month
Author: Rev. George Everard, M.A.
Publisher: LONDON: William Hunt and Company 1874
Revised and Edited by: Karrol 2015