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LOVING Father, our hearts are moved to gratitude and trust when we look up to You. We rejoice that through our fleeting days there runs Your gracious purpose. We praise You that we are not the creatures of chance, nor the victims of iron fate, but that out from You we have come and into Your bosom we shall return. We would not, even if we could, escape You. You alone are good, and to escape from You is to fall into infinite evil. Your hand is upon us moving us on to some far off spiritual event, where the meaning and the mystery of life shall be made plain and Your glory shall be revealed. Look in pity upon our ignorance and childishness. Forgive us our small understanding of Your purpose of good concerning us. Do not be angry with us, but draw us from the things of this world which cannot satisfy our foolish hearts. Fill us with Yourself, that we may no longer be a burden to ourselves. So glorify the face of goodness that evil shall have no more dominion over us.

The strength of Your love, O Lord, we would have all men share. Let it go forth to all who feel themselves neglected, or despised, or forgotten. Be their great Companion, who understands all, whose sympathy is wider and deeper than all their need. Look in compassion upon the bereaved and brokenhearted. Help them to take up afresh the duties of life with a deeper devotion to You, that they may so pass into that world of experience, where sorrow alone can lead the way. Lift them above themselves so that their tears may bring forth fruit in tender ministry to those afflicted with like suffering, that they may comfort others with the comfort wherewith they themselves are comforted by You. For those who despair because of moral weakness and failure, we pray. May they throw themselves on Your truth and mercy, and hear Your voice of power and reassurance, “Be still and know that I am Your God, Your salvation.” Let the doubter see his doubts dissolve away in the vision of Yourself. Let the restless and discontented pass into Your peace, which the world cannot give and cannot take away. Let the miserable and ill at ease, the fretful and the careworn, come forth from their cabined world into the larger places of Your blessedness and Your rest.

O God, You have been our fathers’ God. They trusted in You, and were not ashamed. Be our God and our Fortress, even unto death, for Your mercies’ sake. Amen

— A Book of Prayers for Public and Personal Use By SAMUEL McCOMB, M. A., D.D..