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ETERNAL and infinite Jehovah! Framer of our bodies and Father of our spirits! we adore You as our Father and our God, and the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, — as that most high and holy Being, whom angels praise,. whom dominions adore, before whom all pοwers fall down and. tremble, and whose excellent glory cherubim and seraphim proclaim forever.. On this morning of the day sacred to You, we would come before You, in the name οf that Savior, whose glorious rising this day is commemorated. By Your good providence we are once more permitted to assemble in the tranquility and happiness of the family circle. You have watched over us during the past night, have spared our lives, and made us the monuments of Your preserving goodness. And now, our Father, may we come to You in the spirit of faith and devotion. Save us from the guilt of hollow professions and heartless prayers, — and let us not draw near unto You with our lips while our hearts are far from You.

We praise You, God of Grace, for all those religious blessings, which we are now especially called upon most gratefully to remember, and for all the holy recollections which this day brings to our minds. Glory be to You, Father of mercies, for that Savior, who triumphed over the grave and made death His captive. We bless You, that You, who, in times past, spoke to the fathers by the prophets, have, in these latter days, spoken to us by Your Son Jesus Christ; that You have sent Him to go before us in the way of duty and of suffering, to be our guide and deliverer, to save us from our sins, and to show us the way to Your favor, which is life, and Your loving kindness, which is better than life. How should we adore Your goodness, Ο God, that when spiritual darkness covered the earth, and mankind had wandered far from You, You stretched forth the arm of Your mercy, mighty to save, and powerful to bless, — and that the Messenger of Your truth and love appeared, the friend of sinners, and the guide to immortality. We bless You, that though earth be a land of darkness, and over it be spread the shadow of death, yet there is an inheritance of glory reserved for Your children in a brighter world, —that though we are born to die, yet Christ has taught us that we die but to live forever, — and through the grave has opened to us the pathway to the mansions of bliss and glory. And we pray, Ο Father, that while we are grateful for the high and rich blessings of the Gospel, our hearts may be subdued to its dominion and sanctified by its influences; that we may live in the purity of Christian faith, and die in the joy of Christian hope.

Father in heaven! we beseech You to be with us, and bless us this day, and prepare our hearts for Your service. Ο send out Your light and Your truth; let them lead us, let them bring us to Your holy place. In Your earthly temple, may we this day meet around Your altar, and there put away all our earth-born passions, our distracting cares, οur vain and frivolous thoughts, and offer to You that homage of the soul, which You will not despise. May we enter Your gates with thanksgiving, and Your courts with praise, there to pour out our hearts to You in the voice of prayer, and to seek some good instruction, some purifying, sanctifying, influences from Your holy word. Ο save us from a careless, formal, hypocritical worship; and when we receive good impressions, let them not be as the morning cloud and the early dew. We lament before You, that we have so often forgotten Your goodness and violated Your laws, and that our souls have been so much estranged from You, and from pure and holy things. We pray that this day, and during the whole of our lives, we may love You more and serve You better than ever yet we have done. May we leave behind, our follies and our sins, and press on toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. May the virtues and graces of the Gospel be the ornaments of our lives and characters. May we seek to imitate the example of our Savior, and to transcribe into our own souls something of His meekness and humility, His fervent piety and patient resignation, His enlarged benevolence, His generous and holy zeal in doing good. Knowing that a day is coming, in which You will render unto every one according to His works, may we be as those who live for eternity.

We pray for Your servant, who ministers in sacred things to the society, of which we are members. Bless his labors in the cause of Christ, and make him the instrument of turning many to righteousness. Let Your blessing rest on all the ministers of the Gospel; may they be animated, faithful, zealous, and successful in imparting and enforcing the truths, the warnings, and the hopes of our holy religion. We pray that Your presence and blessing may be with all the assemblies of Your worshipping people this day, — and may the power of Your word be displayed in turning men from the error of their ways unto You, the living and true God. Grant, Ο God, that the kingdom of Your Son may be more widely diffused and more firmly established, and that all the nations of the earth may come to the knowledge and worship of You, through Jesus Christ, whom You have sent. In His name we offer our prayer, and ascribe unto You all power and glory forever. Amen.

Book: A Family Prayer Book
Author: Charles Brooks
Published: 1846
Edited by: Karrol 2016