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ALMIGHTY and most merciful God! Maker of all worlds! Judge of men! Your name is excellent in all the earth; and Your glory is above the stars. You inhabit eternity, and dwell in light which no man can approach.

We Your dependent and sinful creatures would bow before You, acknowledging how unworthy we are to appear in Your presence, or to lift up so much as an eye to those holy heavens, where You dwell. Ο Lord! though we are thus unworthy to presume on Your favor, yet so great is Your goodness, as to encourage our addresses to You, by many gracious promises of Your love and acceptance. With humble confidence, then, would we approach Your throne of grace, beseeching You, in the name of Jesus Your beloved Son, to be merciful to us and forgive us according to Your abundant goodness.

We acknowledge, Ο Father, that we have acted foolishly and wickedly, by doing those things which You have forbidden, and by neglecting to do those things, which You have commanded: Ο let that divine mercy, which has spared us so long, lead us to repentance, that we may forsake our evil ways, and turn unto You, the Lord our God.

Give us grace, we beseech You, to seriously consider the great work we have to do, and the uncertainty of the time in which we must perform it; so that we may not foolishly consume our days in vanity and indolence; in the gratification of corrupt desires and empty wishes. Grant us aid to lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily besets us; and may we run with patience and perseverance the race laid out for us, looking unto Jesus.

Gracious God! You have mercy in all Your ways, and desire not the death of sinners, but rather that they should turn from their ways and live; look in pity upon us, and, through our Redeemer, enable us to conquer every evil habit and surmount every temptation. Look with Your favor upon our remaining part of life; grant, if it please You, that the days, few or many, which You shall yet allow us, may pass in reasonable trust, in holy fear, and ardent love. Strengthen our good purposes till they shall produce lives pleasing to You. Enable us so to shun sloth and negligence, that every day we may discharge our part of the duties You have allotted us: and will You, Ο Lord, further with that labor which, without Your help, must be ineffectual. Enlighten us with divine knowledge; animate us with heavenly hope; comfort us in Your love, and aid us in all our good resolutions; so that we, who have been created by Your power, and sustained by Your providence, may live to answer the high purposes of our being. Let us not add wickedness to wickedness; but tο experience Your favor, which is life, and Your loving kindness, which is better than life.

We are now to begin another term of duty; will You, Ο God, be with us. May our increase of days produce increase of grace: and as Your bounties are multiplying upon us, may we return to You the offering of holy lives.

Father of mercies! You have defended us through another night and bestowed on us another morning. We desire to dedicate to You the lives You are sparing. Give us wisdom, that we may know You; sanctify our affections that we may love You; put Your fear into our hearts, that we may dread to offend You, and grant that in the conclusion of the day we may be able to review our conduct with increasing satisfaction, and have our hope in Your mercy stilt more established.

These our petitions, we would offer through the Son of Your love, our Intercessor at Your right hand; while we ascribe to You praises everlasting. Amen. — Charles Brooks