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O LORD, our heavenly Father! the great Source of life, the benevolent Power, in Whom all our comfort and happiness exist! You are good and do good continually; Your tender mercies are over all Your works. Our voice will You hear in the morning, Ο Lord! in the morning will we direct our prayer unto You, and look up.

To whom should we look up with sentiments of gratitude at the beginning of every day, but to You, whose care has protected us through the hours of darkness; whose goodness has refreshed us with sleep? To whom, in our ignorance of what a day may bring forth, we direct our prayers, with sentiments of trust in a paternal providence, and with mutual solicitude for each others virtue and happiness. We look to You, our eternal Refuge, whose mercies towards us are great and constant. Hear, most gracious God, these our united prayers and thanksgivings.  The goodness we have in Jesus Christ, encourages us to pour out before You our gratitude. It is our earnest desire, to enter on the employments, and meet the events of every day, with a deep sense of the importance of religion. Dispose us, Father of our spirits, amidst all the cares and business of this life, to regard the salvation of our souls as the one thing needful. Make us sincere Christians; render our habitation a holy sanctuary, the residence of piety and Christian knowledge. Let every heart be an altar to You. May the religion of Christ, possessing our wills and pervading our affections, become a bond of union, the spring of every virtue, the animating motive to every duty, a support under every trial, and the pledge of Your favor and everlasting love.

Ο Lord most holy! what we ask for ourselves, we desire for others. Increase the number of those who serve You with holy joy, and with a Christian life. Multiply the triumphs of truth over error; of the filial spirit of love over gloomy fears. In all the habitations of men, from the rising of the sun to the going down thereof, may the incense of acceptable praise, and the pure offering of virtuous lives be presented to You. Endue those who are appointed to rule over their fellow men, with superior wisdom and benevolence. Inspire all instructors of youth, and all teachers of religion, with an ardent concern to promote the greatest welfare of those for whom they labor. Incline the young, Ο God, to cultivate a sober mind; to remember You their Creator, Redeemer and Judge; and to acquire those habits which shall secure their present usefulness and future peace. Lead those in the middle of life, to labor, while it is day, in Your service and for the benefit of their fellow men, before the night comes. Support Your aged servants under all their infirmities, and help them by their example to convince the rising generation, that religion has power to shed comfort upon the decline of life, and to smooth the passage to the tomb.

Ιn the arms of faith and prayer we would commend to You the sick and the afflicted, we ask You to be very near and gracious to them in weakness and trouble. May Your blessing be upon all our families. Grant that parents may be duly impressed with the high and solemn trust committed to their charge; and see that they set before their children examples, which they can follow with safety; and, when they die, leave behind them characters, which may be remembered with love and veneration. And may children be mindful of how much they owe to their parents; and be induced to do all in their power to promote their happiness. Ο God, grant that all, whether as parents or children, as masters or servants, as members of families, or as citizens of the state, may discharge their obligations with diligence, fidelity, and zeal. In every situation, may it be our chief care to do justly, to love mercy, and walk humbly before You, our God.

In the name of our Redeemer we offer our prayer; and in Him, the Resurrection and the Life, we look forward to a better and happier world, to which You will at last receive us; and to You shall be rendered ceaseless praises. Amen. — Charles Brooks