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Heavenly Father loving and merciful God, we are now beginning a new week under Your protection. We know not what may happen to us in the course of it; how much joy or sorrow one day may bring forth, how much more the whole week. Therefore at its very outset we draw near to You, and commend ourselves wholly into Your hands. Give us, O God, Your Holy Spirit, to purify, govern, and guide us, and to bear witness within us that we are children of God. Bless this week to us; bless our coming in and going out, our occupations and the business to which You have called us. We lift our eyes unto the hills, from whence comes our help; even from You, O Lord, who has made heaven and earth. If You guide us, we shall not go astray; if You uphold us, we shall not fall; therefore let Your mercy and goodness be ever around us. Bless whatsoever is ours, and let it prosper to Your praise.
O faithful Father, keep and defend us from hurt and danger, loss and disaster; let us dwell day and night in Your favor and grace. Guard our home; be a strong wall to us and those whom we love, so shall we not be utterly cast down whatever misfortune may overtake us. Hear us when we cry to You in any emergency, and let us not go unanswered from the throne of grace. Keep us, O Lord, from sin; show us Your ways and guide us in Your truth. Unite our hearts to fear Your Name ; let that holy fear be so deep within us that we may never turn away from You, but continue in Your grace to our life’s end. Grant that this week we may grow more God-fearing and holy, may increase in the knowledge and love of You, and add to our faith virtue, to virtue modesty, to modesty temperance, to temperance patience, and to patience joy in the Lord. But if this coming week should be spent beneath the shadow of the cross, O send to us the Comforter, and may He strengthen us with might to endure and overcome all things. Be our help and refuge in every trouble.

Now we commit ourselves, with all we have and all we love, unto Your fatherly care, and not ourselves only but all our fellow-Christians. Be gracious to us all, and show Yourself in our lives.  You are the Savior of all men, but especially of them that put their trust in You. For Thy dear Son’s sake. Amen – Stark 1740
Prayers from the Collection of Baron Bunsen (1871)
Edited by Karrol 2016