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PRAISED be God, Almighty Ruler, who makes the day bright with Your sunshine, and the night with the beams of heavenly fires; who has led us through the hours of daylight and has brought us to the quiet hour Listen now to our prayers, and the prayers of all Your people, and forgive us all, both our conscious and unconscious transgressions. Accept our prayers and pour out upon us who are Your heritage, the fullness of Your mercy and Your compassion. Protect us by Your holy angels; clothe us with the armor of righteousness; shield us with Your truth; watch over us with Your power; save us from all calamity, and from the snares of our adversaries; and give us grace to pass this day and all the days of our life, blameless, holy, peaceful, free from sin, terror, and offense. For with You is mercy and plenteous redemption, O Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, and to You we bring our thanks and praise.

O FATHER of Lights, how much cause have we to thank You for the many benefits which You have showered today on us and ours, on all Your people, yea, on the whole world! Every blessing You have given is a fresh testimony to Your overflowing love towards us, who are so far beneath You. Your gifts, O God, are one with Your love, as the warmth is with the light. Therefore we love You, the Giver, and also the gifts which are the instances of Your love; and our lips praise You. O that every complaint of ours, every cry of impatience, might be changed into a song of thankfulness; for even when You tarry with Your help, yet is this very delay a true kindness, teaching us to pray, to seek, to knock more earnestly, and to wait in patience upon Your all-wise Providence. So now this day we ask Your presence among us, O Lord Jesus; when our bodies sleep may our souls rest in You; to Your loving heart, O great High Priest, we commend ourselves and all whom we love, our friends and also our foes; and most especially those who have asked us to remember them in our weak intercessions. Plead for them and for us evermore. Amen. Stark  1756.