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O God who hears prayer, bend low Your ear to hear the faintest whisper of one of the weakest of Your children. I come to You, O loving Father, because You have bid me come, and because I feel my need of You. You, O God, You alone can supply my needs. I am unworthy of the least of Your mercies, but I come in the name of Jesus, and beseech You, for His dear sake, to hear and answer my prayer, and to accept my thanksgiving and praise, which I offer in His name.

I thank You, most gracious Father, that You have called me into fellowship with You and with Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior. I thank You for a place in Your family, and the privilege of calling You Father, and feeling that You care for me, even me.

Now, I ask You, to grant that I may hunger and thirst after righteousness; that I may seek daily to feed on the divine manna which came down from heaven. O that my soul may be watered with the dew’s of Your salvation! As You nourish all the living things of nature and cause them to grow, so, O Lord, will You nourish this soul of mine which You have created.  Lord stir up within me new thoughts of duty and new desires of holiness. Cause me to delight in Your word, in Your house, in the communion of saints, in the fellowship of Christian work, and in prayer. May I learn to love and to look forward to these precious moments of communion with You, where I can find the grace and strength for my daily need.

In the plenitude of Your mercy, O Father, forgive my past sins and strengthen me with might by Your Spirit in the inner man, that I may overcome all my evil inclinations and triumph over every evil habit. So feeding on Your word, meditating on Your goodness, and communing with You, may I grow up into the image of Him who is our living head, even Jesus Christ. And this I ask for His name’s sake. Amen!

Book: Alone with God
Author: Br. James H. Garrison
Publisher: St. Louis: Christian Publishing Company 1891