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We thank You, Lord our God and universal Ruler, for that You have created light and darkness, and caused them to alternate to the well-being of all Your creatures. For it is Your power gives light to the earth and to them that dwell thereon, renewing day by day the wonders of creation. How manifold are Your works, O God! and You have formed them all in consummate wisdom, the earth is full of Your bounties. The origin of all things proclaims Your greatness, so that from aforetime You are praised and glorified by Your works. Lord of the Universe, let Your love always rule upon us. that we may never cease to tender our dutiful gratitude to You as the Lord of our strength, the rock of our refuge, our shield and our salvation.

Accept our humble thanks, Almighty Ruler, for the Majesty of Your handiwork and for the beautiful luminaries of the skies You have formed.

In Your all-encompassing love, O God, You have revealed Yourself to us, Your people; Your majesty and Your glory to us are clear. To our ancestors You gave precepts of life, You also  extend Your mercy by making us receptive to them. All-merciful Father, inspire our hearts with affection and earnest zeal for knowledge and perception, that we may lovingly cleave to the teachings of Your law, understand them and esteem them, learn and teach them, observe and do them in affectionate devotion. Enlighten our eyes in Your law, confirm our hearts in Your precepts and let us unite, in the love of You and reverence for Your name, with all our fellowmen. In Your great and holy name we trust that You will give us with Your salvation and we will rejoice. For You are the source of all enlightenment, and You have chosen us of all races and nations to come nearest to You in the knowledge of Your being, and to proclaim You, One forever and indivisibly One. Be praised then, O God, our Lord and universal Ruler, for You have chosen us in love, to preach You and to praise You. Amen.

Book: Jewish Home Prayer Book (1887)