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O Righteous Lord, who hates iniquity, I your sinful creature cast myself at your feet, acknowledging that I most justly deserve to be utterly abhorred and forsaken by You; for I have drunk iniquity like water, gone on in a continued course of sin and rebellion against you, daily committed those things you forbidden and leaving undone those things you Commanded; my heart which should be a habitation for Your Holy Spirit, is become the seat of unclean thoughts, of soul and disordered affections and out of this abundance of the heart, my mouth speaks, my hands act; so that in thought, word and deed I continually transgress against you. Nay, O Lord, I have despised that goodness of Yours which should lead me to repentance, hardening my heart against all those means You have used for my amendment. Now, O Lord, what can I expect from You but judgment and fiery indignation, that is, indeed, the due reward of my sins? But, O Lord, there is mercy with you, that you may be feared; O fit me for that mercy, by giving me a deep and hearty repentance; and then according to Your goodness, let Your anger and Your wrath be turned away from me: look upon me in Your Son, my blessed Savior, and for the merit of His sufferings pardon all my sins. And, Lord, I beseech you, by the power of Your grace, so to renew and purify my heart, that I may become a new creature, utterly forsaking every evil way and living in a constant sincere universal obedience to You all the rest of my days; that, behaving myself as a good and faithful servant, I may by Your mercy at the last be received into the joy of my Lord. Grant this for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen.

[Taken out of the whole Duty of Man.]