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ALMIGHTY God, who has brought me in peace through the night and enabled me to come before You in health and strength: as You have mercy on my body, so, and for Your Son’s sake much more also, have mercy on my soul.  Grant that, in Him, I may grow in Your saving health, and in everlasting strength, and in enduring affections; until the time when my body and earthly comforts fail, I may finally inherit that everlasting and glorious kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.
I come before You, O Lord, thanking You for making Christ the sacrifice for my sins; and praying for You to be reconciled to me, and to those dear to me, and to all around me, for His sake.
Do not look upon my unworthiness, and thanklessness of heart; from which I sincerely turn.  Yes, I hate ungratefulness, though it cleaves to me.
Deliver me from my belief in the world and my slowness to love You.
I rejoice in and hope for Your favor and Spirit
Pardon my forgetfulness of my neighbors.
Forgive the pride and lack of affection I have often felt under Your mercies.
Forgive my sin in setting up carnal pleasures or aims, and so going astray myself and tempting Your servants.
I humbly pray You forgive my stumbling at Your laws and providential warnings.
I confess that my heart has departed from justness and mercy in my dealings, looking towards willfulness, covetousness, and oppression, O Lord forgive my transgressions.
I have fallen very far from You, and from righteousness, from Your happy truth and holiness, in my spirit, affections, and thoughts. I am too content with trifling and folly; too unbelieving to trying Your mercy and care. Restore me, O Lord, for I call upon You in Your Son’s name. Be reconciled to me, and to those dear to me, according to Your promises, for His sake. Rescue me, as You are already defending me.

According to Your Holy Word, give to me and all who ask You, Your Holy Spirit.
Grant new desires, and new judgment; that I may rejoice, turning more and more from earthly things to heavenly joys and hope.
Let the light of Your countenance shine upon me and the blessing of Your protection keep me safe, that my faith may be steadfast in You.
Grant that in the crowding in and changes of earthly things my heart may never cease to trust and love You.
May I seek with confidence and constancy those great mercies of love, spiritual discernment, faith and holiness which You have promised to give to those who ask them.

Bless, O Lord, this day, my (President and Cabinet) (Queen, and princes), and all raised to any authority or influence.  Protect and save them; and defend their hearts from slighting Your law, under blindness of their own natural lust.

To Your Church look with help and forgiveness.  To Your people bring Your messages of truth and peace.  Give my own family and kindred a heart to know and love You, and to search out Your commands; and the blessings of this earth in their season; and finally bring us into Your eternal rest. Grant these humble petitions, O Jehovah, and lead and bless me, this day and for evermore: for Jesus, Your Anointed’s sake. Amen.

A Book Of Prayers For Working Men Of All Ranks
Earnestly Designed For Family Devotion Private Meditation And Prayer
By John Elden.
Macmillan And Co. Cambridge: And 23, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London. 1860.
Revised by: Karrol 2017