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Glory be to You O God, glory be to You, Creator of light and Enlightener of the world.

We kneel before You to bless and praise Your Holy Name for all the mercies bestowed upon us; for Your goodness in preserving us during the night past, and for bringing us in safety to the beginning of a new day.

As, on this morning, You brought again, from the dead, the Holy and the Just Jesus Christ our Lord.  Heavenly Father by His Resurrection raise us up unto newness of life.

0 Lord, we acknowledge that we are not worthy to come into Your presence, nor to lift up our eyes towards the throne of Your mercy-seat. Our sins and transgressions are many, and many of them have been often repeated; the corruption of our hearts and the sinfulness of our thoughts are perfectly known to You; and the punishment due unto our sins is greater than we are able to bear.

O Lord, if You should deal with us as we have deserved, how justly might You deprive us of all those means of grace, and opportunities of working out our salvation, which You have previously granted us!

But, O merciful Father, You have declared Yourself to be a God merciful and gracious, forgiving iniquity, transgression, and sin. Our only hope, therefore, is in Your tender mercies, which have been of old; in that pity and compassion which You have shown to mankind, in the redemption of the world by the death of Your Dear Son.

For Your Name’s sake, O Lord, and for Your Beloved Son’s sake, pardon, we most humbly beseech You, all our past sins and shortcomings. O, replenish our souls with the graces of Your Holy Spirit, that we may become vigorous and active in Your service, and fruitful in every good work.

We implore You also to look with compassion on the nation to which we belong; pardon our great and crying sins, and avert from us the evils which we have most justly deserved; forgive our manifold abuses of the great privileges You have conferred upon us; put a stop to all profaneness, irreligion, and impiety, to all our unhappy strife’s and animosities; and let truth and righteousness, brotherly love and charity, flourish and increase among us.

Be gracious to Your Holy Church, and especially to that branch of it which You have planted in this land; heal the breaches and divisions of it; bring back to the fold of Christ those who have erred and strayed from You; and grant that all who confess Your Holy Name may agree in the truth of Your Holy Word, and live in unity and Godly concord.

Bless our President, His Cabinet, and all the elected officials of this nation.  Grant that they may all study to serve You, and to discharge the duties of their several stations, always remembering the great account which they must one day give.

Be merciful, O God, to all that are in affliction or distress; be pleased to support and comfort them, and in Your good time to deliver them according to Your great mercy.

Send down the graces of Your Holy Spirit upon all our friends, relations, and acquaintances; pardon all our sins; unite our hearts in love to You and to each other in You; and bestow to every one of us whatever Your infinite wisdom knows to be most needful and expedient both for our souls and bodies. Amen

Family Devotions for A Fortnight
Adapted from the Works Of Andrews, Ken, Wilson, Kettlewell, Nelson, Spinckes, &C.
London: James Burns; 17, Portman Street, Portman Square. 1847.