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O LORD GOD, maker of the heavens and the earth You sent Your Son Jesus Christ to us out of Your love and mercy. For this we are grateful beyond measure.  Our Lord Jesus left the assembly of Your purchased people both with a knowledge of the truth, and with established messengers and servants; and has since then given and preserved to us, in their ancient languages, the inspiration of Your holy Spirit. We beseech You to continue and complete these blessings; and to give a holy, true, and bold spirit of faith and love to those who minister to Your Church .  May Your Servants honestly fulfill Your charge, and spread the food of the Holy Writings in the plainest, simplicity, and truth of meaning, before the humble sheep and lambs of Your visible earthly fold.

O merciful Father, accept for Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ’s sake, this petition of us unworthy sinners, – guide all who seek to spread Your truth; keep the translations of Your word into all languages true and plain, simple and unconfused. Restrain all those, children of Satan, who would turn Your word into obscurity or falsehood.

Bless too, O Lord, the readers of Your word ; in public and private. May those who attend to Your word be taught, forgiven, and blessed by Your fatherly compassion. Give us all grace to study Your word more than any other learning; and to perceive and know Your truth; and to carry Your good seed in continual growth and security in an honest and faithful heart, wherever we go.
Merciful Lord, grant the petition of us, unworthy and ungrateful children of God, work in our hearts true repentance and encouragement; according to Your gracious promises in the Father’s name. Grant us Your Spirit to guide our Church, and to renew our hearts according to Your gracious wish.
Grant that the holy servants and elders of Your flock may, under Your blessing, always provide complete and plain services for Your body of humble believers: may they defend Your people in good and holy order; and encourage them by every facility and convenience, according to Your example and teaching.  May all men give attention and reverence, to Your special servants in spiritual things.  Grant them Your special wisdom, temper, and Spirit; but may none be misled by priestcraft and worldly honor.
Hear us, merciful Lord Jesus and gather all men unto You, in the power given to You by the Father, for Your name’s sake. Amen. –Book of Prayers for Working Men of All Ranks by John Elden