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O God, who hast made us all, rich and poor, scholars and teachers, masters and servants, parents and children; and hast enriched us with so many blessings, of house and field, providence and instruction ; grant that we may this day live as a family worthy of so good and great a blessing. In all our occupations, lift up our hearts to You, grant that we may pray in Your holy Spirit, and draw near to You in Christ; turning our thoughts away from all our worldly wishes but may our work be done unto You.
May we not pray for ourselves alone, nor in our praises praise You for our own comforts only: but may we be, like You, anxious to bless all with whom we have to do. May we worship You from no selfishness, but from trust in Your goodness and power. O Lord may we make all our sacrifices in gratitude and faith, and all our self-denial and labor in hope and affection; for how much more should we in all our thoughts and prayers care for You, who always from heaven cares for us. Turn us from the sleep of selfishness or perplexity, the sleep of death to all that is good: renew our hearts, and give new life to our spirits. So may our thoughts be undivided by doubtful lusts, and our souls strong in a pure spirit; that we may, by Your great help, live in that true change of thought to which You have promised life for ever.
Extend, too, merciful and Almighty God, the blessing of Your providence and of Your glad tidings of peace and life, to all men and to all lands: to the heathen that know You not; to the Jews who have received You not; and to all those bearing the name of Christ who are choked amid the cares or splendor of living, or carried away by Satan and their own lusts. Bless all, O God: feed those who hunger after You this day; clothe us in Christ’s righteousness. Forgive those who are ashamed of their errors; and gladden those who depend upon You, with peaceful fruit to their labors: for Jesus Christ’s sake; who is the true bread, from heaven. Amen. — John Elden in Book of Prayers for Working Men