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O GOD, our Father, as we come to You at the beginning of the new day, may our hearts be open to receive the gift of Your spirit for which we pray. Grant that we may not be unresponsive to the promptings of Your spirit, but that we may go through all the manifold duties and tasks of this day with a real consciousness of nearness to You, and of dependence upon You.
Give us wisdom in the performance of our daily work in the use of our time and opportunities, so that we may not be restricted in our vision to the immediate interests of the present, but that we may look forward to a time when we may be called upon to use our talents in some service in which our real value to You, as fellow-workers, will depend upon the thoroughness with which we have trained ourselves for efficient service. May we strive to grow in spiritual strength, as well as in mental and physical powers.
Grant that our many experiences of Your love, the realization of the blessings of the past, may give us ever increasing faith. Give us strength of will and clearness of conscience to follow more steadfastly that which we know is right. Forgive, we beseech You, the many things which we do contrary to Your laws, and the many things which we fail to do because of negligence and indifference.
May all our thoughts, words, and acts throughout this day be prompted by right motives, and by worthy ideals; may we live with the constant desire to make our lives acceptable to You. Amen.
C. B. Breed