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Almighty God, who orders all things and rules the wills and affections of sinful men, we beseech You to dispose the course of this world, that we may serve You in all godly quietness. We ask You to remove all the hindrances out of our path, which might prevent our attainment of everlasting felicity and carry on the work of grace within us. For this and every day gives us fresh occasions to thank You for Your goodness, may every day witness in us fresh tokens of grace and amendment of life, to Your honor and glory. Quicken our languid desires after spiritual blessings; and make us to hunger and thirst after righteousness, that Your gracious promises may be fulfilled in us.
We confess with sorrow and shame, how little we have profited from the many means of improvement which it has been our privilege to possess; and how little we have adorned the doctrine of God our Savior. O that we had served You more steadily and sincerely ; and had improved the time which is past and cannot be recalled. Help us, merciful Father, to be more earnest in improving that which may still remain to us. O Lord incite us to resolve to be more watchful and diligent; and confirm our good resolutions by the inspiration of Your divine strength. Enable us to avoid all temptations that they may be avoided, and steadfastly to resist all temptation we encounter. May the fear and love of You so possess our hearts, that no allurements may entice, and no violence drive us from the way of obedience. Let Your grace and strength be present with us this day, and bring us to the close of it with a conscience void of offense towards You and towards men. May the love of Christ dwell within us, that we may keep His commandments ; may Your grace abound to us, that we may grow in faith, in hope and in charity, and become more ready to be translated to Your heavenly kingdom.
We commit both our bodies and our souls to Your protection this day ; we beseech You also to preserve and bless our dear friends and neighbors, and all for whom it is our duty to pray. As we desire the continuance of Your goodness to us; so we bless and praise Your Holy Name! for Your manifold and great mercies bestowed upon us; and we beseech You to make us so unfeignedly thankful, that we may show forth Your praise, not with our lips only, but in our lives, by giving up ourselves to Your service and walking before You in holiness and righteousness all our days, through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Our Father, &c.
The Grace, &c.

Prayers for Families for Four Weeks
Author: Rev. E. Galtbett, M.A.