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MY good God, prayer to You is my fortress, prayer is my friend, in prayer I forget all my misery and littleness. Cause me, therefore, to pour my soul out to You in prayer at the present time. I have known no help in times of difficulty, in shame and humiliation I found no sympathizer, but Your watching and Guardian Spirit. Desert me not now. I want You more than ever, Your assurance and Your comfort my soul craves for. My God, my tower of strength, my sweetness and peace of heart, be ever near. God of truth and righteousness, I seek justification in Your sight only. Stand in my conscience, King of holiness, give me Your word, and I will be calm though the whole world rise in rage like a surging sea. Holiness and judgment are Yours, and I humbly stand before Your throne. Crush me in Your justice if I am guilty, and let confusion overtake me. But if in Your sight I stand acquitted, what man is there that shall make me tremble? My Father, purge me from all fear and shame before You. – The Ministers Prayers Part 2