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Eternal God, Author of my being, Fountain of all love, trusting in Your love, I, a poor, miserable sinner, come before You, to speak to You and to ask for Your love.

You know all that I would ask of You, if I dared; You know how I would love You, if I could; You knows all I would hope of You, if mine own unworthiness did not keep me back. Yet You gives me the longing, You will give what I long for, even yourself, Whom I long for. You prepares the heart. Prepare my heart, O Loving God, that I may long for You more, adore You more humbly, ask at least with all the desires of my heart, all which You are ready to give me, if I love You. Make me to love You through all Your love for me, through Your own love in me.

O God, my God, I praise You and thank You from my inmost heart that in all eternity You did think of me, and did love me with Your Infinite Love; that out ‘of pure love for me, You willed to make me that I might love You, and be loved by You, and be happy in Your Love. You willed in all eternity to redeem me with the Precious Blood of Your Only, Co-equal Son; You willed to unite me in Him to yourself; You willed that He should become Man that we might, through Him, be one with You. This You willed for me, too, O my God, and for this You did wait for me when I looked not for You.

You remembered me when I forgot You; You made me Your child; You gave me Your graces; You spoke to my heart; by all the yearnings of my young heart You drew me to You; if I did not heed You, You did not grow weary, but called me anew; and You have conquered and have made me Yours.

O then let my soul melt for love of You; let it melt through Your love, into Your love, that in love I may adore You, in love serve You, in love thank You, in and with Your love, love You everlastingly.

For these and all Your blessings bestowed on me Your poor sinner, upon Your whole Church, upon every member of Your Church, and especially upon all whom You have ever given me to love or to be loved by me; for all the benefits of nature. Providence, grace, up to this hour (here think of the greater blessings of your life), for the guardianship of all Holy Angels, especially my own; but above all, for Your great glory in the Creation and Redemption of the world, I give You most humble and hearty thanks in union with the thanksgivings of my Lord Jesus Christ and of His whole Church in heaven and in earth. Enlarge my heart that I may love You more and more; kindle my soul that I may praise You; order my thoughts, words, and deeds, that, within and without, I may be wholly Yours, wholly serve You, wholly praise and glorify You, with all ,Your Angels and Saints, forever and ever.

By F.B. Pusey