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DEAR LORD GOD, You know I do not presume to come before You of mine own self, or relying on my own worthiness, for, when looking to this, I dare not raise mine eyes to You, nor would I know how to begin my prayer. But I come, based on Your most earnest desire and command that we should call upon You, and on Your promise to hear us. Besides, You have sent Your Own Son, who taught us how to pray, giving us the very; words. Hence I know that, my presumption in calling myself a child of Yours appears as great as it is. I call on You in obedience to Your will. Otherwise I would be charged with falsehood, and heap upon myself, in addition to my other sins, the graver one of despising Your command and doubting Your promise.

It matters not what kind of a person I was in the past, for though I am a sinner, I know my Lord Jesus Christ is not, He is ever just and gracious. So I will humbly and confidently call out, crying to Him for the forgiveness of my sins, not considering other questions; for now is not the time to ask whether I be elected or not. This one thing I know, that I need help, so I come and seek it in all humility.

Dear Lord God, the Canaanite woman was a Gentile; she could conclude, yea, could hardly help but conclude that she was not elected. If now she approaches You and does not permit such thoughts to prevent her prayer, I shall do the same and say: Lord, I come before You, I am in need of one thing; the forgiveness of my sins.  Whence else shall I obtain help but from You in heaven, through Your Only Son, my Savior, Christ Jesus? Amen