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I GIVE myself to You, O Father, as an unworthy sacrifice. I call to mind with humble reverence and admiration the Offering Which Your Blessed Son made to You in His Incarnation, and above all in His Death. I call to mind His love for me in redeeming me, in electing me, in regenerating me. I call to mind His love for You in glorifying You by saving and infinitely exalting us human beings. I wish to make a memorial to You of Him, and of His love, by imitating His self-devotion, as a member of His Body.

For this purpose, I now give all my heart, all my powers of thought, of speech, of action. I most humbly renounce all vainglory in what Your strength has enabled me to do to Your honor.

I turn my eyes from all that may feed my self-esteem, from all earthly things that can reward me here. I shut my ears to the praise of men. I seek only the honor that comes from You. I dread robbing You of any of that which I now profess to give wholly to You, by selling any part of it for the honor of men. 1 give myself to You, O Father, by the power of the Holy Ghost. Oh, do accept me; for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen.

Book: Armoury of Prayer
Compiled by: Berdmore Compton
Publisher: LONDON: Rivingtons 1877