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Almighty and everlasting God, I, am the work of Your hands yet an unworthy sinner. I come before Your presence to praise You, because You are my God, my Lord, my Creator, my Savior, and my Preserver. I know that only You can bestow gifts profitable to my own and my neighbor’s salvation, because You are supremely powerful. I do not doubt Your will, because You are supremely good. To You all creatures in heaven and earth owe praise, and we can never praise as You merit to be praised.

I come to pray to You Almighty God, unworthy wretch that I am, from the countless number of my sins. From the bottom of my heart I am sorry that I have ever offended You, my God, for You are supremely good, the One whom I ought to have praised and loved above all things. But You, of Your mercy, make me worthy, and cleanse me from all my iniquities with the precious Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ my Savior. Deliver my heart from all vain, hurtful, and absent thoughts, that I may be able to adore and praise You in spirit and in truth.

How can one who is an unprofitable servant find grace in Your sight? Look, O Father, upon the face of Your Son Jesus my Lord, in whom You are well pleased, in whose Name I humbly entreat You mercifully to hear me. I humbly ask that in Your infinite goodness that all I may seek for myself or others be done according to the good pleasure of Your most gracious will, to which in all things I cheerfully bow myself.

Behold, I offer You these most ardent prayers, devout affections, and holy desires. I offer You my thoughts, words, and works. I offer them all through the merits of Your Son Jesus by His Life, Passion, Death, and Resurrection. It is through Him all my defects may be blotted out. It is through Him, as our Mediator and Advocate, I offer my obedient service and prayer. May it be pleasing to You, Eternal Father!

Oh, that I might have the affection, zeal, and fervor that was seen in the apostles, so that I may be able to worship You, love You, and praise You as You so richly deserve!

Your eyes see my imperfection, O Searcher of hearts. I ask You to take away all sin and imperfections, especially N. and N., that is displeasing to You. Bountifully bestow on me the grace and virtues most necessary to me, especially these N. and N., so that I may more worthily serve You in my vocation and so that I may do all things to the greater glory of your Name.

This, only, O Lord, is the earnest desire of my soul, to serve you, please you, and follow You, now and forever. For you are my God and my All! Amen.

Adapted from Paradise of the Soul by Karrol